Copper Capillary Tube

Capillary copper pipe is critical parts used as restrictors against the refrigerant flow and pressure in the refrigeration cycle of air conditions, electric refrigerators, showcases freezer, this copper tubing usually manufactured with fine precision, down to one-thousandth of an inch. This precision allows airflow to be smoother, more uniform, and more closely monitored, making such […]

Pancake Coil

Pancake Coil Copper Tube (PCC) are commonly used in the field of connections, repairs, or an alternative for air conditioning and refrigeration industries. Pancake Tubes are produced according to ASTM and European Standards. According to this norms, these tubes must bend easily in order to used in plumbing installations, gas transport, air conditioning and refrigeration […]


Using cast and draw technology to produce copper tubes, are a one of the recent developed and advanced technology in the world. They are used in refrigeration and air conditioning industries. The Straight Copper Tubes have high quality, clean surface, easily welded, corrosion resistant and good mobility.