Introducing the Mecaco Group

One of the main concerns of the supply and service industry is providing the best quality raw materials at the right price and at the earliest possible time. In the same vein, the Middle East Copper Alloys Company in trademarks of the MECACO Commercial Group offering the first products of copper and copper alloys with high quality and at the lowest price and accessibility, the craftsmen are proud to serve respectable manufacturers in the shortest time. The main objective of the Mecaco Commerce Group is to serve the industrialists who are committed to helping to boost our beloved economy

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What activities does the Mecaco Business Group have?

Supply and distribution of copper pipes and fittings
Elastomeric insulation (thermal and cryogenic and sound), insulating adhesive, insulating tape and primer strip
Cables for electrical and industrial installations, shields for buckets and pulleys
Flexible Bell Channels Simple and Insulated
Supply and distribution of copper pipes and fittings
The Mecaco Commerce Group is prepared to export and import all authorized products in the best quality through its Dubai office.

How did Mecaco come here?

Continuous activity
Experienced and professional team
Strong financial and communication network
Sell and send to all cities of Iran
Guaranteed the best quality and price
Activity in the field of all colored metals
Transportation system and boarding board
Boarding Answer

Alireza Nazem

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
Professional export graduted from Futures Sky institue
12 years experience in the field of export business