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Copper Capillary Tube


Capillary copper pipe is critical parts used as restrictors against the refrigerant flow and pressure in the refrigeration cycle of air conditions, electric refrigerators, showcases freezer, this copper tubing usually manufactured with fine precision, down to one-thousandth of an inch. This precision allows airflow to be smoother, more uniform, and more closely monitored, making such[more]

Pancake Coil

Pancake coil copper tubes in UAE

Pancake coil copper tubes have gained significant popularity in the UAE due to their numerous advantages and exceptional quality. As a preferred choice for various applications, these tubes offer unique features that make them an excellent option for both residential and commercial purposes. This article will explore the advantages, quality, and other important factors associated[more]

Copper Tubes

copper tubes

The Versatility and Advantages of Copper Tubes in Various Applications Copper tubes have been a staple in the plumbing, heating, cooling, and industrial sectors for decades. With their exceptional properties and numerous advantages, copper tube has become a preferred choice for a wide range of applications. In this article, we will explore the versatility, unique[more]

Copper Cathode

copper cathode

Understanding Copper Cathode: A Key Element in Global Trade Copper cathode plays a crucial role in the global trade of copper, serving as a primary raw material for various industries. With its remarkable electrical conductivity, malleability, and corrosion resistance, copper has become an indispensable metal in sectors such as construction, electronics, transportation, and power generation.[more]

AC Accessories

AC Accessories One of the main activities of the MECACO commercial Group is providing variety of high-quality installation accessories of the split air conditioning   Pipe Wrapping Tape By adding a PVC-coated pipe wrap to a pipe, you can better prevent pipe corrosion, insulate pipes to prevent freezing. These pipe wrapping tapes are in Withe[more]

Level Wound Coil LWC

copper mecaco

LWC Copper Tubes and Coils have variety of applications and supplies worldwide. We assure Quality, Time delivery and full customer satisfaction. These Tubes were produced according to ASTM standards, which are necessary for ARC industries. LWC coils are used in Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Heat exchange industries. Annealing process makes the inside and out side[more]



Straight Copper Using cast and draw technology to produce copper tubes, are a one of the recent developed and advanced technology in the world. They are used in refrigeration and air conditioning industries. The Straight Copper Tubes have high quality, clean surface, easily welded, corrosion resistant and good mobility. Copper pipes are used for various[more]

Copper Wire Rod

copper rod

Copper is the electrical conductor in many categories of electrical wiring. Copper wire is used in power generation, power transmission, power distribution, telecommunications, electronics circuitry, and countless types of electrical equipment. Copper and its alloys are also used to make electrical contacts. Some History… The benefits of using copper conducting wire were known, but the technology was not available to make a copper wire strong enough for[more]

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