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Copper Capillary Tube


Capillary copper pipe is critical parts used as restrictors against the refrigerant flow and pressure in the refrigeration cycle of air conditions, electric refrigerators, showcases freezer, this copper tubing usually manufactured with fine precision, down to one-thousandth of an inch. This precision allows airflow to be smoother, more uniform, and more closely monitored, making such[more]

Pancake Coil

Pancake coil copper tubes in UAE

Pancake coil copper tubes have gained significant popularity in the UAE due to their numerous advantages and exceptional quality. As a preferred choice for various applications, these tubes offer unique features that make them an excellent option for both residential and commercial purposes. This article will explore the advantages, quality, and other important factors associated[more]

MECACO in Factory of Copper Manufacturer – China (2019)


The copper based factories in China are a new gateway to the world markets of China who is one of the world’s largest economies.  Copper-bearing factories in China have made significant strides in the growth and production of copper products, copper pipes (Coils, Straights, Pancakes), copper fittings and other copper products. Over the past 20[more]

AC Accessories

AC Accessories One of the main activities of the MECACO commercial Group is providing variety of high-quality installation accessories of the split air conditioning   Pipe Wrapping Tape By adding a PVC-coated pipe wrap to a pipe, you can better prevent pipe corrosion, insulate pipes to prevent freezing. These pipe wrapping tapes are in Withe[more]

MECACO Group at Middle East Electricity in Dubai (MEE) 2019


Middle East Electricity (MEE) is one of the major trade exhibitions on electricity industries in the Middle-East and North Africa (MENA) and one of the largest gathering of manufacturers, traders and buyers of the products of power industry every year. The 44th of this exhibition covered transmission & distribution, power generation, solar Energy, storage management[more]

MECACO Group at Project exhibition in Qatar (2019)

Qatar 2019

The project Qatar is an international melting-pot of business contacts, a high-powered cosmopolitan hub where East meets West, a blend of different cultures and a magnet for high-power international investment. Decision-makers of the construction and financing industry meet at exhibition for presentation of their products, services and companies to establish new business contacts. Mr. Alireza[more]

Level Wound Coil LWC

copper mecaco

LWC Copper Tubes and Coils have variety of applications and supplies worldwide. We assure Quality, Time delivery and full customer satisfaction. These Tubes were produced according to ASTM standards, which are necessary for ARC industries. LWC coils are used in Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Heat exchange industries. Annealing process makes the inside and out side[more]

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