AC Accessories

AC Accessories

One of the main activities of the MECACO commercial Group is providing variety of high-quality installation accessories of the split air conditioning


Pipe Wrapping Tape

By adding a PVC-coated pipe wrap to a pipe, you can better prevent pipe corrosion, insulate pipes to prevent freezing. These pipe wrapping tapes are in Withe and Black color and cover sharp edges.
MECACO commercial group supplies PVC pipe wrap in best quality and lowest price

Silver Electrode

Silver electrode is used for copper tubes and dissimilar welding. there are the different types of silver alloy electrodes. These electrodes come in two types: simple and coated. MECACO Commercial Group provides silver electrodes in the best quality and lowest price.

Flexible Electric wipe

There are two types of electrical cables used in air-conditioning, and duct split systems such as shafts or shields.

Mounting Bracket

Wall and ground mounting brackets has high quality powder coated design for a weather resistant finish. Great for all climates. Compatible with most mini split air conditioners. Supports up to 180 lbs of weigh.

Service Port Adapter

MECACO Commercial Group is a supplier of copper service port adapter suitable for use in duct split and AC industries. This product is made of copper and Brass alloys and has high corrosion resistance.

Bending Spring

Bending spring is used to bend and shape copper pipes to install duct split. This tool can be placed inside or outside the pipe. The MECACO commercial Group offers a variety of bending springs in various sizes.

Supplier of Accessories for Mini Duct Split

The MECACO Commercial Group provides air conditioning accessories and supplies mini-duct split splits and air conditioners repaired requirements with the lowest price and best quality.

Copper Tubes

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